German Engineer Hermann Klaue designed the prototype of the Hercules 2000 in 1950. Hermann Klaue manufactured in Überlingen, Germany a small number of HK bicycle until 1954. The innovative frame of the bicycle made of silumin alloy was produced by the company Aluminium Gußwerken in Villingen, Germany. The silumin alloy is a mix of aluminium and silicon, very light and has a high resistance to corrosion. It was a most advanced metal of that time. The bicycle launched at the Frankfurt bicycle exhibition in 1950.

In 1957 Nürnberger Hercules Werke GmbH took over the construction and started manufacturing of the Hermann Klaue`s bicycle. The company gave it the future-looking name: HERCULES 2000 and promoted it as the bike of the future. An elegantly designed bike refined with aluminium components in perfect harmony with the alloy frame.

The production of HERCULES 2000 ended in 1964.

Today you rarely find a HERCULES 2000 in original condition.